Vegan Social Clubs -11:00am

Cris Comer 


We are advocates for animals, the environment and for good human health.  

Vegan Panel - 12:00pm

"All Walks of Life Vegan Panel" 

Learn about the vegan journey from a group of your peers.

Attorney Jason Luczak

Vegan Mom - Adia Unger

Vegan Blogger - Gina Witt

Robert Grillo- 1:00pm

"Free From Harm" & "Farm to Fable" 

Author & Activist

Chef Rain Truth - TBA

The Cultured Vegan 

"Midwest Vegan Fest Founder"

Rain Truth shares her vegan journey and insight into the vision behind MVF and the goal for the future! 

Quincy Markowitz - 2:00pm

The Microsanctuary  Movement

"Microsanctuaries: Caregiving as Activism" 

Grey (Plant Based Drippin) - 3:00pm - 3:40pm (Followed by Performance)

Celebrity Vegan Rapper and owner of Plant Based Drippin apparel. 

"Vegan Thanksgiving" 

Dr. Kevin Jenkins -4:00pm

The Vegan Borne

Host of "The Cool"

The Alpha Vegan Man