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10 Keys Home Exercises with Rabbit Punch Social Club


Rabbit Punch Social Club was started by Clay Zingler in 2015 as an idea to take personal training to a different level. Certified since 2010 and himself training for 20 plus years, Clay found the lack of vegan trainers or even the understanding of plant based eating was minimal to say the least. This is why he started RPSC. The other concept in mind was to make sure training didn’t end once you walked outside the gym. Taking advantage of social media on online availability, essentially, RPSC never closes. Anything from gear, grocery, training advice or even sit downs to discuss progress, we are open 24/7.

RPSC believes in working your mind, body and soul together to help achieve your goals and will help set you up for the long term. Lifting, boxing, strength and recovery training with catered personal workouts, as well as plant based nutrition coaching. No drugs. No fad diets. Just hard work and dedication.

What Rabbit Punch Social Club is offering:

An informational insight into personal training and talking about the stereotypes of being vegan. Also, offering information and pricing on training and nutritional services.



Marrika Rodgers - 11:00am


 Live Well, Eat Well

The Live Well, Eat Well workshop  intertwines mental, emotional and physical health concepts with customized vegan meal prepping, cooking and community building. 

Conscious Plates - 12:15pm


Curated Plant-Based Food 

Robert Grillo - 1:00PM


 What’s Holding You Back From Going Vegan?

 Robert Grillo, author, activist and speaker, will lead a discussion about the biggest obstacles people have for going vegan and how to overcome them. 

Dr. Bobby J. Price -2:00pm


"Vegucation Over Medication"

 Dr. Bobby Price is a certified plant-based nutritionist, exercise physiologist, and Doctor of Pharmacy.  In his book, “Vegucation Over Medication,” Dr. Price exposes the myths, lies, and truths about modern foods and medicines. He believes that when we align our lives with nature, our bodies have an innate ability to heal.

-Lifetime Vegan Excellence Award Presentation-

Atur Yokanon - 3:00pm

Join us for a special celebration as we honor Atur Yokanon of Soul Vegan and present him with a Lifetime Vegan Excellence Award. We dedicate this portion of our event in gratitude of his contribution and dedication to this lifestyle and movement. 



Dr. Ruby Lathon -4:00pm



"The Veggie Chest"

Dr. Lathon motivates and inspires with her own powerful story of overcoming thyroid cancer through a plant-based diet. After learning how to care for the body naturally, Dr. Lathon left behind a career as an award-winning engineer and began teaching the benefits of plant-based nutrition. 

Heka Ma'at Kemet -5:00pm What is Skin Food?


 Heka  of the Ph Company will lead a discussion on how the vast majority of the products we use for personal hygiene maybe causing more issues with our health than the food you put in your mouth