Lil' Sprouts Vegan Kids curated by ZNT Arts


11:00am -5:00pm

MVF Artist-In-Residence

About the Artist:


Zahirah Nur Truth is a combination of Arabic and English in which it loosely translates into one whom manifest and or shines the light of truth. Zahirah's truth is art and all of it. Drawing and painting consistently as a young girl. She found her true love of the arts in 2005 after taking on the artful journey of motherhood. There something was sparked in her and she began painting and claiming her thrown as an artist. For many years up until 2014, she was self taught until she found her way at the doors of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. She is currently in the process of completing her Undergraduate Degree with close attention to Arts Education and Performance. 

She is a multitalented artist and processes art through many skills via illustration, painting as well as clothing and jewelry design inspired by her African heritage. Zahirah is also a performance artist and has performed side by side with the renowned Tim Miller and Pat Olsezko. In recent years she has had the opportunity to perform at the ICA- Institute of Contemporary Art Boston. There she portrayed the historic Alma Stone Williams from Black Mountain College.

Zahirah is also an early childhood educator with over 10 years in the field and in addition to being an early education art teacher. When she's not painting, she is a self proclaimed vegan chef. She gains insight, joy, wisdom and laughter from her two darling boys whom are art creations in their own right Diligent Shallah and Divyne Anwar


Lil' Sprouts - All day


Hey Li’l Sprouts!
Come plant yourselves in the
Midwest Vegan Fest Kid Zone!

Ongoing activities all day: (Starts at 11:00am)

• DIY Garden Glove
Learn about seed germination and plant your own garden in a glove!
(first come, first serve)

• Eat your Fruits & Veggies! Printmaking
Create vegan inspired masterpieces by using fruits and vegetables!

•Coloring Corner
Embellish your prints, color in something fun and educational, or
free color and let your inner vegan shine!

Hosted by: Zahirah Nur Truth Arts


kids jamm children's yoga - 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm

kids jamm ™ was born out of the understanding that children love to play. As a company, we desire to encourage them to find their unique path to move mindfully through life. Our goal is to create spaces that nurture the whole child and celebrate the energetic joy and creative freedom of childhood.

Using the tools of mindful movement and meditation, our program teaches children how to recognize their emotional triggers, harness their energy, and redirect it into focused action to achieve their goals.

Class is $5 per child but no child turned away.

First come, first serve! Max 20. 

Each session is 30mins.


Face Painting - 11:00AM

Submerge yourself into the artistry of paint in the vegan kids zone. We will have professional face painters on site to create a colorful atmosphere and experience for the children.