The Vegan Kitchen

Black Mama Vegan - 12:00pm

Chickpea Salad and Caramel Sauce


 Aimbriel (Am-bree-l) aka Black
Mama Vegan was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, She is a wife, mother of four amazing children and a entrepreneur going after her dreams.

 The vegan journey
officially jump started started in 2015 when meat, became her nemesis.

Her family was already moving in the direction of using less meat having several “meatless” days and ditching the processed stuff. Additionally, she considered herself a holistic “practitioner” using herbs, oils, and teas as medicine versus the traditional western medicine culture.

 The goal of BMV is to show other families that making changes towards a more plant based approach is beneficial to overall health and wellness.  

Keep in mind that this is a lifestyle change and not just what you eat! This is a total change in your health, spiritual growth and beyond. 


Little Chef DJ - 1:00pm

Wholly Guacamole and Fruit Bowls


Little Chef is an inspiring vegan chef that teaches kids how to cook using math, reading, science, recognizing foods, utensils, food safety and entrepreneurship.

Deesten Lewis, also known as Little Chef Dj is a seven year old entrepreneur and vegan chef from Saint Louis, Missouri.

He enjoys playing Minecraft, reading books and learning about culinary arts and dinosaurs. He has appeared on Fox 2 News, Show Me St. Louis, STL TV, iHeartRadio, CBS, and ABC. Little Chef D.J. participates in numerous community givebacks, special events and host cooking demonstrations across the country. In addition, he has vending machines consisting of healthy snacks, a cookbook, utensils, a cooking show and is currently designing apparel consisting of chef hats and jackets.

He is currently in the process of raising funds for a community garden.


Imani Raiyne - Kreative Fruitz - 2:00pm

Watermelon Carving and Mini Fruit Baskets

 Learn how to carve and fill mini watermelon fruit baskets. A very quick and creative way to indulge in healthy snacking! This demo with Imani Raiyne is sure to amaze you.  


Mac and Cheeze Competition -3:00pm

Join us as local chefs compete for bragging rights of "Best Vegan Mac"


Chef Cassandra Lynne - 4:00pm

Curry Chickpea Dip and Organic Mushroom Soup


Cassandra Salahuddin is a full time cook for a senior assisted living facility and personal chef from Cleveland Ohio.  She is an Army veteran who, as a military chef, cooked for soldiers at four stateside Army posts and war zones in Somalia and Iraq. She combines an appreciation of her mother’s traditional southern cooking with her knowledge of healthy eating to create dishes that are colorful, flavorful and full of soul. Her passion includes helping her clients to transition from primarily animal protein and processed foods to vibrant plant-based nutritious meals.

She will be demonstrating her Curry Chickpea Dip and All Organic Mushroom and Onion Soup. Health is our real wealth is her motto.


Chef Sheng Thao - 5:00pm

Sesame Balls and Nam Vam


Join Chef Sheng Thao of Veganese Asian Cuisine in a live and interactive food demonstration. Chef Sheng was tired of eating the same ole’ tofu and vegetables so she set out to change the face of veganism by creating her own flavorful and fun versions of Asian food. Chef Sheng Thao has been cooking since the age of 12 and enjoys introducing people to her special flavor combinations that keep you coming back for more. 


 She will be demonstrating: Sesame balls and Nam Vam.